A selenium deficiency has been associated with the cause of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and therefore the supplementation of selenium can be beneficial.

Selenium is an antioxidant, this means it protects the body against harmful particles known as free radical and is also important for our metabolism.

There have been multiple studies that demonstrate the benefit of selenium supplementation (usually 200mcg) on the normalisation of thyroid antibodies in people with thyroid autoimmune conditions.

In 2002, Dr. Gartner showed a 40% reduction in TOP antibodies after the supplementation of selenium. With 25% of the patients in the study completely normalising their antibody levels.
In 2003, Dr. Duntas showed a greater decrease in TPO antibodies when supplemented with thyroxine and selenium rather than just thyroxine.
In 2006, Omer Turker et al. showed a 30% decrease in thyroid antibodies after only 3 months of selenium supplementation.
In 2007, Dr. Mazokopakis showed a 21% reduction in TPO antibodies after one year of selenium supplementation.
In 2010, Konstantinos et al. showed that the supplementation of selenium can be associated with a significant decrease in TPO antibodies with improvements in mood and general well being after 3 months.

Selenium supplementation can bo obtained naturally through foods, especially brazil nuts. However, you should check where the brazil nuts come from as the selenium content varies significantly due to the soil that the plant is grown in.


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